Details about $ARGON Staking

4 min readApr 9, 2021


What is staking ?

Staking is the process of keeping your cryptocurrencies locked in your wallet for a certain period of time without spending or transferring them to support the operations of a cryptocurrency chain. From these cryptocurrencies you lock, you earn a certain amount of reward cryptocurrencies during the time you lock them.

What is Farming ?

If you want to farming on $ ARGON, you must provide liquidity support through PancakeSwap. For the support you provide, you will get a Cake LP Token. With these tokens you have obtained, you will farming on
In Argon, farming processes provide 2 times more profit than staking.

What is Tosdis.Finance

Via Barter, TosDis aims to introduce a new, highly efficient, and secure P2P lending model built on the Blockchain Technology. TosDis is a new-generation p2p lending platform that runs on Ethereum-based Smart Contracts to create a safe and efficient environment where borrowers worldwide have fast and convenient access to loans, and lenders can find high-yield investment opportunities.

Tosdis.Finance Audit reports

Check out this reports on their website.

Tosdis.Finance audited by Hacken

Why Should You Stake ARGON?

Argon has been traded on the market since 8 March.
For this reason, current $ARGON owners are among our first investors. And we will have many developments to announce to them. There are many more stages for Argon to overcome and go through.
Also, the Argon team cares about $ARGON investors. Therefore
Those who participate in the liquidity pool will win Governance Token awards, which will be created in the future. Details will be shared over time.

Please review us and see what we are aiming for.

Please review this document to find out what we’ve been up to since March 8th:

What is the Argon team’s staking plan?

The staking rewards to be distributed for the next 5 years will be as shown in the table below. We Reserve 8M ARGON from 23M locked funds for staking rewards. Staking periods can vary from 15 days to 30 days.
The investor can perform unstake or harvest operation on Tosdis finance at any time. Current pool owners have approved to leave the prize pool to the community

How to use Tosdis Finance ?

Step 1 — Connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network.

Step 2 — Go to
For the staking process;

For the farming process;

Step 3 — Select Binance Smart Chain from the network option and connect the wallet.

Step 4 — Click on verified pools

For staking;

First click on staking tab,

after that Click on stake button and confirm all process in your wallet.

For farming;

First click on farming tab,

Find the $ARGON pool and Click on the deposit button and support the liquidity pool. Stake here with Cake LP tokens that PancakeSwap will give you.

To support liquidity:

And then Congratulations!

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for all Argonians 💚




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