Brief of the migration process to the Avalanche network

4 min readSep 7, 2021

As you know, we have been making improvements on Argon’s work on Avalanche network for about 10 days. As we have done so far, we would like to inform the community in detail about this issue. We made a plan, we aim to complete the developments in the fastest and most stable way by sticking to this plan.

What we will do?

- Argon Token (Avalanche)
- Bridge (Avalanche<>BSC)
- Dex (Avalanche)
- Atomic NFT Collection
- Audits
- Development
- Marketing
- Argon Project (Avalanche)

Argon Token: Our native token, Argon Token, which currently works on the Binance Smart Chain network, will also work on the Avalanche network. Argon Token, which we will launch on the Avalanche C-Chain network, will operate as a cross-chain with an integrated principle.

Bridge: We will build a bridge that is indispensable for the multi-chain structure. A contract will be created between the BSC and Avalanche networks, allowing to pass Argon Token. Argon Bridge will have an arrangement that provides two-sided passage. For example; You will be able to move the Argon Token in your wallet on the Binance Smart Chain network to your wallet on the Avalanche C-Chain network. The reverse will also be possible.

Dex: A DEX liquidity will be created that allows buying/selling transactions of Argon Token, which will be created on the Avalanche network. Avalanche will give special support in this regard. At this point, it is likely that ARGON/AVAX liquidity pools will be created on Pangolin.

Atomic NFT Collection: We have created a special NFT collection to celebrate our work on the Avalanche network as well. You will be able to get this NFT collection using Avalanche network. You will be able to mint randomly with the AVAX price to be determined. With the Rarity structure consisting of 6 levels, a total of 118 elements and 10,000 NFT cards will be presented. You will also be able to combine these NFT cards to create custom NFTs. Of course, we will also create a market for the buying/selling transactions of these NFTs.

Audits: In this process, many smart contracts will be prepared and the security of these smart contracts is very important to us. As always, we will go through the audit process to confirm that these smart contracts are OK. Projects will not be published before the audit processes are completed.

Dev: First of all, the developments require complex and difficult processes. For this reason, we will definitely have deficiencies and areas that need improvement. We will make improvements and updates as a result of requests from the hearts and the community.

Marketing: We want all these works to reach more investors with the efforts of our community and us. We will also prepare some campaigns for this. We will hold huge AMA events, create new market areas and define specific strategies to reach Avalanche investors. At this stage, we would like to state that we are supported by the Avalanche team and its founder.

Argon Project: The most important and most difficult one will be that our main project, Argon freelancer platform, will be built on Avalanche network. Argon will now be a multi-chain native project. You will be able to use the platform with the Avalanche C-Chain network. You will be able to create jobs, apply for existing jobs, hand over received jobs or earn money as an approver. In these transactions, AVAX will be used as the currency, and new currencies will be added with new agreements in the future.

So how far have we come as of September 7, 2021?

First of all, we would like to point out that our team is extremely active and has devoted all its time to Argon. Our core developers, externally supported programmers, algorithm creators, UI/UX developers and consultants spend time on the development of the project.

So far, we have prepared the main topics such as how Argon Token will work on the Avalanche network, how it will be listed, how it can be moved. Argon Bridge and Atomic NFT contracts have been completed. We start the audit process. We will have all our smart contracts audited by trusted organizations. We are having important meetings for marketing, we will make statements about this in time. Dex and liquidity issues have not started yet. Along with all these processes, we continue to actively prepare the integration of the Argon business platform.

What awaits us in the near future?

Working in a secondary network is important to us. This will be an important step for us to prove that this project is not temporary, but a permanent and sustainable product. We will be in an innovative network like Avalanche that uses the Proof-of-Stake structure. We were born on Binance Smart Chain as a project and we will definitely continue to stay active there. We have similar thoughts for the Ethereum network and the Solana network, but these are time-consuming tasks, it is important for us to get support from the community and our investors in this regard.

We would like to thank Emin Gün Sirer and the Avalanche team, who also supported the initiation and management of our working process in the Avalanche network.

You can be sure that we will keep our community informed of all developments frequently.

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