ARGON x ONT Lottery & ONG Reward

As the Argon team, we are very excited to announce our ONT (Ontology) lottery to you.
A lottery event will now be created on Argon from time to time involving our partners, this will help us increase our engagement with our partners and community.

Lottery Details:

Ticket Price: 5 ONT (BEP-20)
50K Argon gift from Argon Team to increase the prize.
Start Time: 10.00 UTC+0
End Time: 10.00 UTC+0 Sunday — 15 August
There will be 64 winner and same wallet address can win the lottery many times this means buying tickets will increase your chances of winning.
20% of the total pool will be burned as $ARGON

Smart Contract will find the winners using Chainlink VRF solution.

ONG Lottery

This lottery will be a little bit different from others.
Users who use ONTO Wallet to participate in the ONT lottery are automatically entered into a bonus ONG lottery!

ONTO will collect all the addresses that participate in the ONT Lottery via ONTO and distribute ONG rewards, accordingly.

A total of 300 ONG will be distributed to 23 winners.
50 ONG awarded to 1 winner.
25 ONG each awarded to 2 winners.
10 ONG each awarded to 20 winners.

How to participate ?

1- First you have to buy ONT token to participate to lottery.
2- Go to and connect your wallet
3- Type your ticket amount, Approve and Click “Buy Tickets”
4- Wait for the results to be announced.

How to use ONTO Wallet:

Guide from Ontology Team:

To reach ONTO Wallet:

To reach dev team:

Best Regards
Argon Team

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