ARGON x ONT Lottery & ONG Reward

As the Argon team, we are very excited to announce our ONT (Ontology) lottery to you.
A lottery event will now be created on Argon from time to time involving our partners, this will help us increase our engagement with our partners and community.

Lottery Details:

Smart Contract will find the winners using Chainlink VRF solution.

ONG Lottery

ONTO will collect all the addresses that participate in the ONT Lottery via ONTO and distribute ONG rewards, accordingly.

A total of 300 ONG will be distributed to 23 winners.
50 ONG awarded to 1 winner.
25 ONG each awarded to 2 winners.
10 ONG each awarded to 20 winners.

How to participate ?

1- First you have to buy ONT token to participate to lottery.
2- Go to and connect your wallet
3- Type your ticket amount, Approve and Click “Buy Tickets”
4- Wait for the results to be announced.

How to use ONTO Wallet:

Guide from Ontology Team:

To reach ONTO Wallet:

To reach dev team:

Best Regards
Argon Team

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