Argon — June Monthly Report

3 min readJul 1, 2021

What we aim to do this month according to roadmap.

Argon’s first steps
In chronological order;

✅ Telegram Jobs feed for Argon Freelancer Application
✅ Working on Staking & Farming
✅ New Staking & Farming Pool on Tosdis
✅ Publish Staking & Farming Smart Contracts
✅ Statistics Datas for Investors
✅ Event with
✅ First promotional video about app from Turkey
✅ Partnership with Venus Protocol
✅ One of the largest volumes in 30 days
✅ Trading Competition
✅ Support from Binance Smart Chain
✅ Article from BscNews
✅ Partnership with Launchzone

You can reach our roadmap here:

CertiK Audit:

Hacken Audit:

Hacken Staking & Farming Audit

Other Reports:

Proof of what we do

We created jobs feed channel on Telegram. If you are a freelancer, Turn on the channel’s notifications to not miss on any new job posting Telegram Channel:

You will be able to stake & farming process on soon

Phase3 Staking&Farming process started on

Pool details: Start Date: 09.06.2021 16.00 UTC+0 End Date: 09.07.2021 16.00 UTC+0

Staking & Farming contact are now available on Github for review.

Statistics now avaliable for investors

Here you can track all metrics about Argon.
Visit Now:

Argon x Event

Video from Turkey

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Argon is now accepting $XVS and $VAI as a form of payment!

Argon on the largest volume list’s #ARGON Trading Competition!

Support from Binance Smart Chain for Statistic Datas

New Article from BscNews.

Partnership with LaunchZone.

Thank you for reading 🙏🏻
Big and surprising news comes in July. 👀 Stay Tuned

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