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As the Argon team, we are happy to announce the new Staking & Farming model.
The new staking and farming model includes many different changes. You will now be able to perform all your staking and farming operations on
From July 9, all staking & farming operations will be available at
As the Argon team, we plan to create a joint staking and farming pool with other prominent projects in the BSC network.

Safety First 🔒

All smart contracts have been audited and approved by Hacken. We try our best to ensure the financial security of our investors.

Hacken Audit report:

Smart contract code:

Features that come with the new platform;
New burning model 🔥
New punishment model 🚨
Paired stake pool 🤝

New Burning Model 🔥

Each deposit you make on Argon’s own staking and farming platform has 7 days to withdraw with impunity. If you want to break the stake within 7 days after depositing, you will have to pay a 10% penalty. 10% of your deposited value will be sent to Argon’s commission wallet and all accumulated Argon will be burned regularly every 6 months.

You can reach our other burning model from the link here:

New penalization Model 🚨

If you want to withdraw your staked ARGON tokens within the first 1 week after the deposit period. You have to pay a 10% penalty. Penalties are calculated and sent by smart contracts. If you want to send without penalty, you must wait at least 7 days. In this way, we have increased the commitment to staking and farming.

Paired Staking Pool 🤝

Argon’s own staking & farming platform won’t just be an ARGON/ARGON pool pair. As the Argon team, we will make agreements with NFT projects that stand out in the BSC network and create paired pools. In this way, you will be able to deposit ARGON and receive the other token we have made a deal with as a reward.

To open a pool parity on Argon and other partnerships, please fill out this Google form or send an email to

Best Regards
Argon Team



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